About Modern Dairy

Welcome to Modern Dairy!

Established in 1975, Modern Dairy is a favourite among Punekars for its delectable taste and freshness. It is precisely why we have been the pride of Pune for four decades now. Delve into the fascinating history, you’ll find a wealth of luscious range of modern dairy products for your savouries.

Discover simple joys of healthy living wrapped in extravagance with Modern Dairy. Indulge, invigorate and taste the variety of rich creamy dairy products packed with essential nutrients. Bite into sweet memories, relish into the freshness and soak into buttery multitude of experiences. Modern Dairy serves you with the supreme goodness of dairy delights.

We hold our products to the highest standards of quality. We use stringent measures in our stare-of-the-art facility to ensure that our products retain the quality and freshness Modern Dairy is known for. We believe in providing quality and satisfactions at reasonable prices.